There is no denying the importance of geographic proximity when it comes to colocation, but other factors should also be considered in the decision-making process. One colocation datacenter is not like the next, especially when device, networking and infrastructure technologies become more complex. You need to know what, other than location, a facility has to offer for your primary and possibly secondary environments.

timehri networks colocation datacenter located in Downtown Miami in Terremark’s flagship facility. The NAP of the Americas is one of the most significant telecommunications projects in the world. The Tier-IV facility was the first purpose-built, carrier-neutral Network Access Point and is the only facility of its kind specifically designed to link Latin America with the rest of the world.

This facility addresses all of the other important issues that you should be considering when reviewing colocation facilities, including:

  • Network monitoring, resiliency, capacity and speed
  • Cooling, power and redundancy
  • Building and colocation cabinet security protocols
  • Environment scaling and space planning
  • A la carte managed services
  • The experts to manage the infrastructure and whatever else you need

It’s not easy running an IT department. So we suggest putting out fires before they get started with our Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) solution, developed from the ground up by IT technicians with real world experience who have confronted the challenges and demands of providing fast and efficient IT services.

Our RMM provides the monitoring, alerting, and automation to help detect end-user issues early—and resolve them—before they impact your company’s productivity.

Enjoy increased visibility and control so you can become more proactive and preventative—even preemptive! Our RMM can reliably perform most IT support and management tasks remotely, non-intrusively and effectively. Based on cutting-edge agent technology, our solution can empower your internal IT professionals and/or external IT service providers with the tools to provide:

Service Automation

Create, organize, and automate any IT process, including preventive maintenance and support tasks. Our RMM includes internal monitors and easy scripting for developing your own automated processes.

Inventory Analysis

Compile and classify IT asset information with innovative SNMP agent technology. Identify any SNMP enabled device in a network or subnet, and collect information on device type with customizable detection templates.

Asset Management

Identify, audit, and manage workstations, servers, printers, and routers; group assets by operating system, application or location for ease of management.

Software Deployment

Group and deploy tools and services without the need to schedule interruptions to end-users.

Patch Management

Identify, approve, and update or ignore software patches and hotfixes for a single work station or a group of machines.

Print Management

Initiate, stop, or resume print activity. Access information on ink level, paper level, and number of pages printed.

Mobile Access

Work from anywhere, at any time with mobile access to RMM. Resolve end-user issues from a device in the palm of your hand, such as iPhone®, iPad® and Android™ devices. It’s like being in two places at once!

Network Monitoring

Discover, monitor, and control critical items in your infrastructure through powerful monitors and scripts.